The DJM Difference

THE DJM DIFFERENCE is based on a nimble, opportunistic investment methodology that thrives on complex deals and distressed circumstances. Where there is an opportunity to identify and create value, we bring an acquisition and development strategy that focuses on desirable, California coastal locations within elite markets with the potential for high returns. We have a history of seeing and seizing opportunities that others miss, and see ourselves as long-term players seeking to buy, improve and hold assets in order to build significant value over time. Our principals are partners in all deals, creating a trust and alignment with our investors' interests. Adherence to a disciplined investment criteria has proven to be highly successful over time.

Investment Criteria


Strong local economy, solid demographics, high barriers to entry


The ability to add value through savvy brand repositioning, renovation, leasing and development


The fortitude to spend time and resources to mine value others may have overlooked


Careful evaluation of risk and reward with appropriate capital structure of debt and equity

Aligned Interest

Principals co-invest in every deal heightening firm exposure and commitment


The DJM Culture

  • An entrepreneurial environment
  • Transparency and open communication
  • Encouraging passion mixed with personal balance
  • Belief in Excellence and quality as viable business strategies