Focus Areas

DJM Capital Partners' business model of creating value relies on four main areas of focus: Capital Investment, Real Estate Development, Property Positioning and Leasing, and Ongoing Asset Management.

Capital Investment

DJM's value-added capital investment strategy focuses on well-located and well-constructed institutional quality real estate properties in large metropolitan markets with complex impediments to new development. Given these market characteristics, our investments are poised to benefit from long-term appreciation in addition to returns from improvements to the physical, operational or capital structures.

Through a rigorous due-diligence process and strategic capital deployment methodology, DJM has achieved a track record of successful investments across the risk-return spectrum.

DJM's investment expertise includes property acquisition, capital structure/finance and repositioning. We co-invest with a range of partners, but specialize in making institutional quality real estate investments available to the private investor.


DJM Capital Partners has demonstrated expertise in developing and redeveloping investment properties to elevate them to competitive market condition, or adding value through repositioning and adaptive reuse. With experienced, nuanced savvy in evaluation and procurement of appropriate zoning and entitlements, we navigate the local government agency approval process with deftness and skill.

Whether enhancing acquired properties or envisioning and building projects from the ground-up, DJM's development strategy is always focused on providing superior quality and delivering successful and differentiated projects to the market while generating exceptional financial returns.

Other core competencies include engagement and coordination of architects, engineers and consultants, project design direction across multiple disciplines and construction expertise and oversight.

Positioning and Leasing

Whether repositioning an acquired asset or capitalizing on a ground-up development opportunity, DJM's brand positioning expertise and leasing acumen mobilize and come into play. Strategically exploring opportunities for market differentiation, our property brands are positioned or re-positioned to set the stage for customer engagement, competitive market advantage and leasing success.

Our leasing approach is to carefully curate an exciting mix of sought-after retailers and restaurateurs, ensuring that our properties attract and reflect the demands and tastes of the desirable customer base and elite markets in which we locate.

Asset Management

DJM seeks out investment opportunities where we can fully utilize the skills and expertise of our asset management team, while delivering hands-on value creation at the individual property level. Prior to acquisition, DJM conducts exhaustive due-diligence, formulating property-specific leasing, management and capital improvement plans to maximize value and optimize the operating performance of each property we own.