Fund Highlights

  • Portfolio Debt is approximately 50% Loan to Cost.
  • Preferred Return of 7% paid to the Limited Partners (LP) on a monthly basis, based on property performance. By comparison, public REITs currently generate a dividend in the mid 4% range.
  • General Partner Preferred Return of 7% is subordinate to LP's priority.
  • Regional diversification, characterized by high-barrier-to-entry locations with a focus on the West Coast, Texas, the Sunbelt and New England.
  • Investment Term: 5-7 years depending on performance and market conditions.
  • Strong credit tenants, BBB+ or better, with 100% of property operating cost and obligations paid by the tenant.
  • Lease terms ranging between 4-10 years.
  • Attractive acquisition Capitalization Rates (Cap Rates); average around 7.60%
  • Return on Investment over the term is projected to generate a 17% IRR to the investor, without any guarantee from the General Partner and based on property performance.
  • Strong sponsorship; offering DJM Capital Partners' proven track record and full transparency, providing investors comprehensive quarterly reports and a low fee and expense structure.